Hong Kong Readymade Companies

Hong Kong Readymade Companies

Hong Kong Readymade Companies List:

We have Shelf / Readymade HK companies with Bank Account for sale.

HK Company with HK HSBC

HK Company with Hang Seng Bank

UK Company with Barclays UK



Docs Required for Due Diligence:-

Passport copy (Notary Certified Passport for Bank account opening)
Proof of residency (such as your electricity bill)


We get the docs from your side. Once reviewed and checked, we will ask for payment and then the company will be transferred to you and docs will be sent for signing, Once you have signed them we will send bank cards and stuff via Courier.

You can start using the company and account. Please note that to update signatory at HK Bank.


Ready-made companies allows you to save the time by company formation and to look for at least half a head above their partners. How to achieve this?

All companies have passed our internal audit, they have no debts before creditors and before the tax office . Previous Director(s) is/are responsible for all previous periods, when he/they led the firm. This allows you to protect the new owner from possible claims.

Email us at info @ incorpinternationalltd.com if you need to know further about this shelf hong kong company offer.