Forex License Mauritius:

– The authorized capital is 1,000,000 MUR (equivalent to 30,000 USD – 35,000 USD.
– Requirement for office maintenance: at least 2 local Directors (we provide)
– At least 2 directors with experience in this field (from 5 years of work)
– At least 1 local secretary (we provide)
– Local office (we provide)

The deadline for obtaining a license in Mauritius is now about 6-8 months from the start of registration until the license is issued.
The cost of obtaining a license could be obtain by sending us an email. This cost will include: assistance in drawing up a business plan, AML projection, compliance manual, etc., as well as 2 local directors, secretary, office, opening a bank account.

For our customers we offer the following banks:
– Bank One
– State Bank of Mauritius
– Afrasia Bank

To start the process of registering a company and obtaining a license, you will need:

1. A notarized copy of the overseas. passports of directors. A notarized copy of the utility bill (with translation into English).
2. Notarized bank letter of recommendation of the director Professional letter of recommendation (from previous employment or the like). All also with translation into English.
3. Director’s summary
4. Academic and professional director certificates (Higher education diploma, course certificates, etc.)

For registration of the company, only item 1 is enough, then in the process the remaining documents will be required.
The authorized capital is paid after the registration of the company, before submitting a full set of documents for the license. The key factor influencing the issuance of this license is the presence of proper experience with the directors.
The authorized capital is credited immediately to your company account (open immediately after company registration). After obtaining a license license, this authorized capital can be used to develop the company.

Stage of payments:
1 – 50% of the amount is paid immediately, before the registration of the company, after signing the contract.
2 – The second 50% before submitting a full set of documents for obtaining a license.

In order for us to eliminate and minimize risks, at this stage you will need a CV of your Directors with experience in this field. CVs are required in English.
We will send them to the registrar and he will give us his preliminary opinion on them (whether they fit the requirements of the regulator). Before filing, we of course conduct an internal audit of the candidates, but the final decision is made by the commission.
In our practice, if everything is ok with the Directors, they have relevant experience and are not on the black lists, then a license will be obtained.

I await your reply and CV Directors.

If the CV of your directors passes the verification of the registrar, then we will be able to discuss with you a discount on the project.