Canadian Resident Director

Reasons why do you need to assign a resident director?

When entrepreneurs want to set up a new limited liability company, in some countries authorities require assigning a resident director. Local authorities can have different demands to resident directors. Resident directors can be either citizens or foreigners with a valid residency permit. It is compulsory in some territories for the resident director to have a local address or to live in the country. Here is a simple example: Mr. Smith is a citizen of Ireland and Singapore permanent resident, so in such countries as Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland he can be a resident director.

Which services Incorp International offers?

We offer clients the following services:

1)    Clients won’t have any difficulties in finding an appropriate resident director because our professional and experienced team provides Clients with high-quality director services in every country all over the world.

2)    With Incorp International it is more probable to get a bank account approval. Also, our professional team will help you to get employee visa and to get all necessary Government licenses.

3)    Incorp International resident director doesn’t play any significant role in client’s business. A resident director will fulfill all statutory requirements, so only client is responsible for business activities and bank account activities. Very seldom a resident director signs contracts on behalf of clients.

4)    Incorp International and clients sign a contract which regulates all limitation, terms and conditions of the resident director assignment

Also, in some regions, it can be more beneficial to have a resident director even if sometimes it isn’t necessary. So, you can be free of taxes in Isle of Man and Jersey if you have a resident director and if the company doesn’t work in the financial, oil and gas areas. Also, your company shouldn’t deliver utilities. In such country as Armenia, client can easily remove nominee director after the company will be set up. In Russia, South Africa and Nigeria it can take about 4 months for approval, so the resident director can be very useful in such situation.