Q. In order to start a business in Pakistan, how many directors are required?
When registering a company in Pakistan, only 2 directors are required.

Q. In order to register a company in Pakistan, how many shareholders are required?
Only 2 shareholders are required to register a company in Pakistan.

Q. Is it necessary to have a resident shareholder or director for companies to register in Pakistan?
Not at all, because it is not necessary to have a resident shareholders or appoint a resident director to do business in the Pakistan.

Q. How one can register a business in Pakistan?
To register a business, you are required to i) reserve your company name ii) sign a company setup form iii) supply the “Pakistan Office Lease Agreement” iv) register for social security and tax v) obtain a business license.

We have Pakistan company registration specialists and they can assist you at every step of registering your company in Pakistan.

Q. Can your experts assist my firm with the Pakistan subsidiary company registration?
Of course, yes! Our Pakistan company registrations services include i) business license registration ii) business registration iii) immigration solutions iv) office rental requirements, and v) business banking solutions.

Q. For a Pakistan business incorporation, is it necessary to have a company secretary?
When incorporating your company in Pakistan, it is mandatory to appoint a Pakistani resident secretary. In this regard, our experts can provide you this service for only U.S $1,800.

Q. What is the minimum capital requirement to incorporate a company in Pakistan?
At least U.S $1,000 of initial startup capital is required for a company to incorporate in Pakistan.

Q. What services you can offer to my firm regarding Pakistan company incorporation?
Being Pakistani service providers, our experts can assist you in i) company registration ii) immigration solutions iii) business license registration iv) business banking solutions v) office rental requirements and vi) employment strategies.
Moreover, our experts will send updates till the engagement completion on a weekly basis.
Q. What is going to be the Pakistan incorporation timeline?
It takes around 10 weeks to complete Pakistan company incorporation process. Whereas, the overall business setup process will take 20 weeks.

Q. When incorporating in Pakistan, are there any business restrictions?
Not at all. Foreigners incorporating business in Pakistan do not face any restrictions as far they are performing legal and non-prohibited activities of Islam.

Q. Will the public be able to view my Pakistan business formation details?
Yes they will. To start a Pakistan company, entrepreneurs are supposed to enter their business details in a public register.

Q. Can your firm help me in searching for a professional Pakistani company?
Yes. Our firm has been assisting people with their “Company Incorporation in Pakistan” over a decade.

Q. How can I open a company in Pakistan?
For business establishment and company formation in Pakistan, our firm assists you in preparing appropriate documents as well as notarize them. Moreover, our experts also assist you with opening your corporate bank account in Pakistan.

Q. Are there any prerequisites for opening a company in Pakistan?
To form a company in Pakistan, you need to i) supply the Pakistan office lease agreement ii) reverse your company name iii) sign some company setup forms iv) obtain a business license, and v) register for social security and tax.

Q. Are there any restrictions in the ownership if the foreigners set up their company in Pakistan?
Not at all. If you wish to setup your business in Pakistan, 100 percent foreign ownership is allowed.

Q. Am I supposed to get a full audit for a small business in Pakistan?
Yes. Every foreigner business owner is required to submit audited financial statements to the Pakistan government if you want to set up any business in Pakistan.

Q. What will be the tax implications for a business setup in Pakistan?
In order to start a business in Pakistan, you will need to pay a 35% corporate tax.

Q. How can a foreigner setup his/her company in Pakistan?
These are the requirements to set up a business in Pakistan, i) reserve your business name ii) prepare incorporation documents iii) notarize those documents, and iv) tax as well as business registration.