Imagine a place where you can shoot a film from start to finish in one location. From financing to casting to pre-production to filming in exotic locations to editing to sound recording to visual animation to processing to distribution and finally to the premiere night. Imagine a place like Dubai Studio City. With the dawn of the digital era and rising number of TV channels, the future of the broadcast industry looks extremely bright. Consequently, a new crop of independent broadcast boutiques has emerged, to provide design, visual effects, and music composition services.

These companies can fulfil their true potential in a virtually untapped region from Dubai Studio City.

Designed to accelerate the growth of the broadcast, film, television and music production industries, Dubai Studio City will be an ultra-modern facility integrating every component under one roof. Spread across 22 million sq. it will include production, post-production, equipment rental, business center and satellite facilities among others.

It will also have residential areas, hotels, an entertainment center, film schools and training institutes. This unique combination of world-class infrastructure, qualified professionals and unique networking environment will make it the ideal location for creative people to unleash their imagination.

Reason to Setup Company in Dubai Studio City

Dubai has a grand vision for the future and the resources to make that vision a reality. Time and again, Dubai has made the impossible possible and it is now all set to take the world by storm with its new projects. Here is just a brief glimpse of some of the ground-breaking developments which are sure to catch the eye of film makers worldwide.
Burj Dubai – the world’s tallest tower
The Palm – a luxurious palm-tree shaped resort island
The World – 300 private islands in the shape of continents
Ski Dome – an indoor ski resort with a Penguinarium
Restless Planet – a dinosaur park with simulated earthquakes
Dubai Sports City – a complex with stadiums and academies
Dubai Marina – one of the world’s largest waterfront property developments
Falcon City of Wonders – life-size replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Entertainment Hub

Aptly situated inside the attraction-filled Dubai land, Dubai Studio City will soon become the entertainment hub of the regional audio-visual industry with its wide range of infrastructure and services.
In collaboration with business partners, Dubai Studio City will offer:

  • Ideal Workspace
  • Boutique Office Studios that provide an excellent environment for independent production companies
  • Custom-sized plots for companies to build their own studios and facilities
  • Residential Areas: For executives and support staff
  • Access to Talent
  • Business Centre: For highly skilled TV and film freelancers
  • Film schools with accredited programs and training institutes that offer workshops and short courses to groom talent
  • Business and Operational Support Services
  • Facilities Management

Satellite Communication Services: Samacom is the official integrated satellite services provider through which companies can uplink and downlink content and live feeds. It also allows the broadcasting community to leverage operating cost savings through the use of shared facilities and infrastructure

  • Production Equipment Rental
  • Supportive Environment and Infrastructure
  • A vibrant entertainment center with a cinema complex, restaurants, theatres and boulevard lined with retail stores
  • 10,000-seat amphitheater for large scale musical productions
  • 1500 and 3500-seat open-air amphitheaters for smaller scale performances
  • On campus hotels and apartments to accommodate cast and crew
  • Proximity to promising projects like Dubai Sports City, The Autodrome, Aqua Dubai, Dubai Bazaar in Dubai land and the Polo Club & Golf Course in Arabian Ranches
  • Film Production Complex: Sound stages, workshops, backlots, storage areas and prop shops
  • Conference facilities, Screening Theatres and Exhibition Areas

Location Approval Services (LAS) for Media Production:

Shooting made simpler
To expedite film shoots, Dubai Studio City will offer Location Approval Services. This department will provide service and support, right from initial contact to the close of production. It will include location scouting, talent search, affordable crew accommodation and arrangement of all necessary approvals and permissions, visas and airline bookings. To guarantee quick access to talent, it will offer a single window service to provide visas in 24 hours for crew and a fast-track immigration process for professionals.


Dubai Free Zone Company Formation




Scripted to succeed

The advantages of being one of the primary investors in this focused development cannot be ignored. With the quantum leap in the number of TV channels, the fastest-growing media industry in the world today is TV Content Production and Distribution. Animation films have become a force to reckon with, after breaking box office records time and again. The music industry too is reinventing itself for the digital age as portable devices become more popular.
In such a pulsating scenario, it makes sound business sense to invest in a cost-competitive development like Dubai Studio City which has the potential to make history. As a business partner, you will enjoy benefits like:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% exemption from personal, income and corporate taxes
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits with no currency restrictions
  • Opportunity to channel the vast amount of untapped wealth from local investors for project finance and long-term investment

Channel development opportunities

Dubai Studio City invites companies offering services from the film and broadcast production value chain to set up their facilities here. These would include Production, Sound Stages – TV & Film, Backlots & Sets, Water tanks, Recording Studios, Production Offices, Ancillary services like Green Room facilities, prop shops, etc., Equipment Rental, Trailers and transportation facilities, Catering facilities, Modelling and casting agencies, Post production Facilities, Labs & Telecine, Printing Facilities, Online and Offline Editing Suites, Animation and SFX Studios, Specialized Sound Studios, Set Construction Workshops, Stunt Shops & special gear, Warehouses – equipment rental, storage of props and sets.

Companies can lease office space and studios as well as plots of land to build their own infrastructure. There are three types of spaces available on lease: Commercial offices, Boutique studios and Residential.

Dubai Studio City Free Zone Services

  • One-Stop shop
  • Registration of companies

One-Stop Shop

Dubai Studio City provides services to its clients through its One-Stop shop which offers all the services involved in the setting up and the managing of companies.

  • Simple registering of companies
  • Simple legal framework and company laws
  • Fast access to knowledge workers with fast-track process for immigration
  • 24/7 visa services

Registration of Companies

Free Zone LLC

  • Separate legal entity
  • Shareholders can be physical persons and/or companies
  • Requirement of minimum one director per FZ-LLC
  • Minimum capital requirement AED 50,000

Note: TV broadcasting, radio broadcasting (but not IP streaming) need minimum capital requirement of AED 2,500,000.


  • Branch of an overseas or local company – not a separate legal entity from its parent company
  • A branch has the same business activities as the parent company
  • No minimum capital requirements


A Freelancer Permit is issued to an individual who conducts business activities under his/her name and not under a name of a company or brand.

Dubai Studio City Free Zone Products

Dubai Studio City provides the following products for its clients:

  • Offices
  • Boutique studios
  • Plots of land
  • Support spaces
  • Sound stages


  • Four low rise towers plus a 15 story building
  • Landscaped gardens with amphitheatre and fountains
  • Office sizes from 500 sq. ft. to a whole building
  • Basement car parking
  • Full utilities (electricity, A/C, water)
  • Building maintenance

Boutique Studios

  • Single offices / studio facilities located in a site
  • Shared open spaces
  • Car parking

Plots of Land

  • Provision of infrastructure available for building of own facilities
  • Ready infrastructure for road, sewage, water, electricity and telecommunications
  • Land is suitable for building offices, housing, schools, shops etc

Support Spaces

Dubai Studio City provides support spaces which are onsite studios and retail facilities.

Studio facilities are provided by the following media companies:

  • BUT
  • Dubai Media Incorporated
  • Al Dafrah TV
  • Jamal Records FZ LLC

Sound Stages

Dubai Media City’s modern sound stages provide the specific and complex operating needs of the media industry. Clients have access to a broad range of services and also companies within the media value chain such as production houses, studios, and many other providers of media services like makeup, stage design, casting and costume design.

Features of Sound Stages:

  • Dedicated facilities and production offices for each sound stage next to the sound stages
  • Easy access to workshops for all types of set preparation and construction
  • Height of 12.5 – 15 meters
  • Doors which allow easy moving of sets and large equipment
  • High loading lighting capacity
  • Easy access to the backlot which is located next to the film complex and is ideal for outdoor filming
  • Soundless A/C and soundproof facilities
  • Access to electricity back-up generator
  • Water tanks of international industry standards for underwater shooting of all types
  • Facilities for green screen


If you are interested feel free to contact us.