We can help you incorporate Singapore Private Limited Company in 2 weeks upon duly receiving all the required documents.

Please kindly find the following information for Singapore Company formation for your reference:


Registration Requirements:

– At least one resident Singapore director (included in the formation package)
– At least one shareholder

– A company secretary (must be Singapore resident, we will provide the Singapore company secretary)

– A registered address in Singapore (included in the formation package)

– Standard registered capital: SG$100,000, SG$1.00 as per share value

Singapore’s corporate tax rate is a flat 17%. In order to attract small and medium size companies, Singapore government implemented tax exemptions/incentives scheme to Singapore resident companies. 

  • Below SGD$100,000 taxable income:
    The corporate income tax rate is 0% on the first S$100,000 taxable income for 3 years for a newly incorporated company that meets the following conditions:
    • – incorporated in Singapore
    • – a tax resident in Singapore
    • – less than 20 shareholders of which at least one is an individual shareholder holding at least 10% of shares.
  • 8.5% tax on taxable income of up to SGD$300K:
    8.5% tax rate on taxable income of up to SGD$300,000 per annum. The taxable income above S$300,000 will be charged at the normal corporate tax rate of 17%.


Singapore Company Registration Package:

1.     Company name check and reservation
2.     Preparation of incorporation documents
3.     Registered Office Address for one year
4.     Corporate Secretary for one year
5.     Appointment of one Resident Local Director (mandatory)
6.     Preparation of memorandum & articles of the company
7.     Registration with Registrar of Companies
8.     Electronic Certificate of Incorporation
9.     Company profile extract form Registrar of Companies
10.  Minutes of first board meeting
11.  Government disbursement
12.  Share certificates
13.  Company seal
14.  Company rubber stamp

Required Documents for Registration:
– Clear passport / ID photocopies of all directors and shareholders
– Clear address proof photocopies of all directors and shareholders (N.B.: The address proof shall be any one of Director and Shareholder’s last 3-month utility bills or bank / credit card / mortgage statements or driver license or residential leasing contract within term of tenancy)
– Filled company order form

– We will prepare the company formation documents for clients’ signing, and the physical signed documents must be couriered to our office in Singapore or Shanghai for record

Timeframe of Incorporation:

2 weeks upon duly receiving all the required documents, a copy of Certificate of Incorporation will be emailed to client once the Singapore Company is incorporated, and we will send the original company kit to clients by DHL 


Incorporation service fee and government disbursement: USD 3,950

Company kit delivery via international express: USD 250

Annual return from the second calendar year: USD 3,000


We will advise and help clients arrange the corporate account opening with OCBC Singapore and arrange the resident Singapore Director to present in the meeting at the same time.

We usually recommend private limited companies as it is the most advanced, flexible, and scalable type of business incorporation in Singapore

Private Limited Company

A private limited company is a LLC in which the shares are held by less than 50 persons and are not available to general public. Most privately incorporated businesses in Singapore are registered as private limited companies. A private limited company’s name in Singapore usually ends with Private Limited or Pte Ltd.  The shareholders of a private limited company can either be individuals or corporate entities or both.

A private limited company is the most advanced, flexible, and scalable type of business incorporation in Singapore. It’s also the most preferred type of Singapore business entity for serious entrepreneurs (as opposed to sole proprietorship or limited liability partnership).

Singapore Quick Review


Gateway to Southeast Asia
The easiest place to do business
No “Tax Heaven” reputation
First SGD$100,000 profit is 0% tax rate
No Profit tax if the company’s offshore profit does not remit into Singapore
No restriction on foreign ownership


Requires a local company secretary
Requires a local resident director
Directors cannot be a corporate entity
Requirement to file annual report, financial/audit report

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