company formation bvi


Company Formation BVI

Incorp International has the following streamlined and simplified company creation process which is more efficient, straightforward, and quick to complete with a collective guide for setting up an incorporated business company in BVI. Our purpose is not only to meet our Client’s needs, but also surmount with high-quality service and support.

  1. Before you begin the process of incorporation, Incorp International conciliates with the Client on consolidation application fees of engagement. The Client will then submit the signed Client engagement contract in colligation with the legal due diligence documentation to our office. During incorporation process, legal consideration is as important as tax and financial deliberations towards the success of each Client transaction.
  2. Incorp International outlines an elaborated project plan for BVI incorporation when a formerly Amalgamated framework is accorded with our Clients. The project represents the steps to engagement completion, with a recuperated pellucidity and set of customer expectation for Client satisfaction.
  3. We provide and support our Clients with a comprehensive guidance on how they should deal with all tax-related legal issues before incorporating the company to the BVI. It is significant for Clients to identify and understand the personal and corporate tax obligation representing their country of residence by fulfilling those requirements annually. We assist our Clients in finding daily solutions to strenuous tax obligations by creating their equity-based recompense platforms to take vantage of the regulation of local tax and to denigrate tax liability wherever possible.
  4. Incorp International will email the Client incorporation documents signed by our Client for review and approval.
  5. After the credentials are emailed Incorp International assist our Clients in reserving and registering the corporations and business names with the Registry of Corporate Affairs that are dissimilar with other business entities. This is to make sure the name chosen does not conflict with other working and valid corporations. When the name is approved, we submit the necessary documentation and organization’s personal information required to incorporate a BVI company.
  6. We then assist our Clients in opening a multinational incorporated bank account of their choice and help them find the correct business banking options to support BVI company incorporation. We have acquired an excellent reputation for working in partnership with banks that expertise in international banking such as Standard Chartered, HSBC, and Citibank to offer corporate banks account services
  7. Incorp International then helps our Client to register for the convenience of internet banking that is straightforward and secure.
  8. A business that renders Financial Services must have procedures and policies in place to ascertain they hold, collect and use the right information in agreement with the right Privacy Act. At Incorp International we advise Clients that engage in financial services on abidance with the composite applicable laws and regulations in their business. And assist them in getting the veracious License and understanding the requirements to qualify for a particular license.
  9. Incorp International has a professional consultant’s guide that will help our Client in every step of the direction to acquire a convenient and applicable BVI Forex Broker License. Getting a commercial license is not an aboveboard process as it requires presenting a broad range of credentials and documents. Incorp International will significantly speed up the process.
  10. Finally, in adopting the engagement completion, Incorp International dispatcher and bearer give the Client the full initial certified corporate documents, primitive unopened bank accord, a Client feedback survey, and other original copies of Certificate of incorporation.