seychellesFrequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

1. Are Seychelles Foundations tax-exempted?
Yes, Seychelles Foundations are entirely exempted from all forms of taxation in Seychelles even if managed and controlled by a Foundation Council from Seychelles.

2. To set up a Seychelles company, are there any minimum capital requirements?
There is no minimum initial capital required to start a business in Seychelles.

3. Is the legalization by Apostille allowed?
Yes, the Apostille is generally used to legalize documentation.

4. What are the annual return requirements for A Seychelles Company?
To set up a Seychelles company, there are no annual returns or annual audit required. Auditing records must be conserved for seven years.

5. What is the privacy of Seychelles company information?
In Seychelles, the company’s agent keeps a register of the directors and shareholders.

6. What is the minimum number of Shareholders and directors required in a Seychelles Company?
It requires only one expatriate shareholder and director. Corporate directors are also accorded.

7. Is there any limitation to conduct any activities on Seychelles Offshore Company?
International Business Company (IBC) of Seychelles may not own any real estate, nor can it acquit any activity in the nation.

8. What makes Seychelles an attractive destination for foreign investors and business venture?
Seychelles gives foreign investor 100% ownership of an incorporated company. It is also exempted from paying taxes.

Fascinating Concepts about Seychelles

1. The capital city of Seychelles is Victoria, which is the smallest capital in the whole world.

2. Seychelles official language is English, Creole, and French.

3. During the time of Louis XV’s Moreau de Seychelles the country was named after the French Minister of Finance.

4. Seychelles has the smallest population among all the independent African states, which has 87,780 people.

5. It is a condemn able offense to change money with any individual or business other than the cleared authority.

6. By the year 2010, the economy of Seychelles has been observed to grow by 6.7% and quickly recovered from the global downturn that made the economy enter a recession over the past decade.

7. The Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013 ranked Seychelles as the 97th most competitive economy in the world.

8. The state of Seychelles has put a great effort to formulate and build up the financial service sector. The target to make the financial sector the largest in Seychelles by the end of 2017 was by passing multiple assemblies of legislation.

9. Seychelles does not require any visa to enter the country no matter the nationality of the foreigner. The only documents required to obtain entry to Seychelles is a return or onward ticket, a legitimate passport for the duration of your stay, confirmation of accommodation reservation, and enough finances to enjoy your visit to Seychelles.

10. The solemn accouterments and clothing are barely worn because of the lifestyle of Seychelles.

11. The International Finance Corporation study suggests that Seychelles is the easiest country to pay taxes but difficult to get electricity and credit. It is ranked the 95th easiest nation to do business.

12. The island of the Seychelles is spread over an area of 1.4 million square kilometers in the western Indian Ocean which comprises 115 tropical islands.