Samoa Company Formation


The Independent State of Samoa normally referred to as Samoa known as Western Samoa, is a Unitary Parliamentary Republic with eleven regulatory divisions. The two fundamental islands are Savai’i and Upolu with four littler islands encompassing the landmasses. The capital city is Apia. The Lapita individuals found and settled the Samoan islands around 3,500 years back. They built up a one of a kind dialect and social character. Western Samoa was admitted to the United Nations on 15 December 1976. The whole island aggregate, which incorporates American Samoa, was called “Pilot Islands” by European voyagers before the twentieth century as a result of the Samoans’ marine abilities.

Samoa changed its name from Western Samoa in July 1997; it has a gathering of nine islands arranged in the South Pacific, east of the International Date Line. At different times, it has been regulated by Britain, Germany and New Zealand. Samoa, where English is the dialect of government and trade, got to be free in 1962 and holds a parliamentary type of government. Since autonomy, it has formed into a politically stable country.


The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in buying power equality (PPP) in 2006 was assessed at $1.218 billion USD. The mechanical division is the biggest part of GDP at 58.4%, trailed by the administrations segment at 30.2% (2004 EST.). Farming speaks to just 11.4% of GDP (2004 EST.). The Samoan work drive is evaluated at 90,000. The nation cash is the Samoan tālā, issued and controlled by the Central Bank of Samoa. The economy of Samoa has generally been subject to agribusiness and angling at the neighborhood level. In current times, advancement help, private family settlements from abroad, and farming fares have ended up key calculates the country’s economy. Horticulture utilizes 66% of the work compel, and outfits 90% of fares, including coconut cream, coconut oil.

Law & Taxation

Samoa’s offshore corporate enactment was initially presented in the late 1980s and depended on Cook Islands enactment. Notwithstanding, it now incorporates various upgrades, making it more easy to understand to suit the prerequisites of the Asian market. Of specific note are the accompanying:


  • Chinese character names (and other remote dialects) are allowed. They can be incorporated nearby the English names in the Certificates of Incorporation, in an appropriately managed way;


  • Documents might be documented in any dialect together with an English interpretation and an announcement of its actual interpretation. We have built up a Chinese dialect M&A to make Samoan organizations considerably all the more engaging purviews utilizing the Chinese dialect;


  • Companies may pay their permit expenses for 5, 10 or 20 years ahead of time and significant rebates are offered to organizations that choose to take up this offer;


  • In request to pull in business from more costly purviews, Samoa has, from August 1998, presented another enactment that empowers the simple movement of organizations in an advantageous and compelling way. The administration charge for re-domiciling is USD100. Samoa has additionally lessened the yearly permit charges for these organizations (regardless of what the approved capital is) and declared an exceptional offer for re-domiciled organizations at just USD100.

Arrangement has been made to permit the recording of reports and support of records by electronic means.


Corporate Necessities

Chinese character names are allowed and can be incorporated into an organization’s Certificate of Incorporation.

All organizations must have at least one chief, one shareholder and a secretary. Corporate executives are allowed. Carrier share endorsements are likewise permitted and should be held by the trustee organization whose office is the enlisted office of the organization. All organizations must have a Registered Office and a Resident Agent in Samoa which must be an authorized trust organization. There are necessities for Samoan organizations to get ready Registers of Directors, Secretaries and Members and for these to be kept at the Registered Office. Enlist of individuals or a duplicate of it should be kept up at the Registered Office inside 1 month of the date of consolidation. The shareholders may forgo the prerequisites for evaluated accounts. Any individual who documents an instrument or explanation of accuses of the Registrar must hotel a duplicate with the Company’s Registered Office. Inside 7 days of it being recorded or ask for that the Registrar pulls out of the lodgments of the instrument or explanation to the Registered Office. Where the instrument or proclamation is not held up with the Registrar, it might be voided against a vendor and any loan boss of the organization.

Local Framework

The neighborhood base in Samoa is in a matter of seconds extremely solid and enhancing constantly. Various driving bookkeeping firms have set up workplaces in Samoa and there are various legitimate practices. At present, there are four retail banks in Samoa. Another vital element is the nearness of a Chinese Embassy which is especially useful when legitimization or archives is required for exchanges and business in territory China.

Our Services

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